Whether your business is present online on social media or not, people are discussing it there. With almost 80% of Australians on social media, you can understand why it’s one of the most influential, economical and powerful digital marketing tools. Today, Facebook and Instagram have become an imperative tool for businesses to increase brand awareness, website traffic, leads and conversions.

Social Media

Social media has changed the dynamics of marketing.  We help clients leverage their social media to deliver targeted traffic back to their website and connect with their customers.

We can help implement a targeted campaign or manage your existing social media.  We help identify where a business should focus their efforts to maximise returns.

At Lime Results we have a very experienced team of social media gurus, who specialise in different mediums.  With the one project manger who oversees the whole campaign, to make sure it is running smoothly.

Full Social Media Marketing Services

We can:

  • Develop your social media strategy
  • Identify which social media is right for your business
  • Manage & create content for your Social Media Accounts
  • Write relevant and engaging posts to your social media pages
  • Encourage word of mouth marketing through events and activities.
  • Promote your articles, blog posts, videos and other marketing material.

FaceBook Ads

One of the areas we can help focus your campaign is around Facebook Ads Management

Facebook is a powerful channel to build your brand and generate business. With more than half of all Australians on Facebook and the average time spent per visit now being 24 minutes, it truly is a platform that shouldn’t be ignored.

Facebook, along with Instagram’s,  real power lies in its superior targeting options. It’s the perfect platform if you have a laser focus on your audience.

Tap into the huge potential of Facebook and let us run a successful campaign that helps meet your marketing objectives.

How we can help with your Facebook Ads?

We work with you to understand your goals and will save you time. We’ll manage your Facebook Advertising campaign around the following areas:

  • Finding your ideal audience
  • Continually optimising & improving the campaigns
  • Sourcing and creating content
  • Matching the right message to the right target audience
  • Improving your response rate
  • Testing the best pages to send your advertising to
  • Testing your Ad response


We create monthly custom reports that will detail the impact of your digital marketing channels. We track, collate and lay out the data from each month and use it to improve. This will enable you to review the activities undertaken, where the budget was allocated and what actions were most effective. This in-depth reporting also provides further insight into buyer behaviour, allowing you to make more informed marketing decisions moving forward.