Using the powerful Facebook platform is one of the best ways online to get in front of your potential and current customers. In fact, your presence of Facebook serves as a cornerstone for your online identity and often can be just as important as a website. How do you get started marketing your business on Facebook? Well, you create what’s called a business Facebook page. This is where you’ll publish content called posts and interact with your friends and audience as a business. With your Facebook page, visitors can stay connected with your brand, read the latest news, participate in conversations, and share interesting content with their friends.

One of the most compelling statistics to get you using Facebook is that there are 1.19 billion users on Facebook and growing. This means your people are on Facebook, and Facebook business pages are free. This is the cheapest marketing out there. Posting is free, and setting up your Facebook business page all does not cost you a dime. You’re able to reach a targeted audience, so you’re able to tap in to the Facebook targeting tools to help you identify, find, and target those people that are going to want to hear your message.

Facebook Insights is an analytical tool that you also have access to when creating a Facebook page. So you’re able to see how many new page likes you get, what posts your audience likes, and also really specific demographic information on the people that like your content on Facebook. With a Facebook page you’re easily able to boost search engine optimization, or SEO. So Facebook business pages rank really high on Google, and you can see for yourself by simply doing a search and searching for your business, or another compatible business, and seeing how high that Facebook page ranks in Google. Creating a Facebook page is a great way to build brand loyalty.

Essentially it give your fans a place to gather and interact with each other and you. The visibility that a Facebook page creates for your brand or business is immense. You’re able to get your business in front of prospects and customers every single day. Now it’s your turn to get your business on Facebook. I recommend heading over to the website you see here, and checking out some additional resources to help get you started.